Transformation 1:1



Ted L.

Before I met Elise, I had done a lot of work on myself... I found Elise in my search for someone to help propel myself forward. I felt like I was ready for progress, but wasn’t quite sure of which tools to utilize to get more enjoyment from the things that made me happy and to be more at peace with the things that I had grieved. In a few sessions, Elise set me on a path that I am still on today, where I realised that the only thing holding me back is myself and how I view my world. It was so liberating to discover how in control of my own world view I am. Thank you so much for the positive force that you are in my life Elise. You do some truly amazing work. As is the Greek way, you are now part of my family.

Curtis F.

Elise is the real deal! She is one of those rare people that can combine determination and ambition with compassion and patience. I recently finished 8 weeks coaching with Elise. She has left an indelible mark on my personal and professional life. It wasn’t easy and there were many tough love moments, but it was so worth it. Trust me. She cares. Elise is always prepared. She is a genius at digging deep, identifying root causes, and tackling limiting beliefs. I have been to countless seminars, webinars, training, counselling, and coaching; none of which have compared to working with Elise. I wouldn’t think twice to recommend Elise to anyone that wants to enhance their life. She always shows up big time! 

Jeremy S.

The opportunity to work with Elise has been the hugest blessing in my life and relationships! As a Military Police Officer, I always thought that my lack of emotion was a strength, but I could not have possibly been more wrong. The program that she has developed helped me to better understand and connect with my own emotions in ways that I never have before, which makes it possible for me to relate to my wife and children on a level which wouldn't have even seemed real to me just a few weeks earlier, not just through expression, but actually feeling the emotions as well after years of just "feeling" in an intellectual sense of knowing what my emotions "should" be in a given situation.



Hi there! Thank you so much, first of all, for being in this space.

I have been coaching men for over 2 1/2 years and it has been the most rewarding, beautiful experience of my life. This page will serve as a guide to better understand the common themes I see with clients, what it looks like to work with me, and some of the more in-depth information from my programs. 

I hold space for men to heal their subconscious trauma and connect with their most authentic, spiritual selves. 

The process is rapid, transformative, and unlike any experience you've ever had before..


In JUST 12 WEEKS you will learn:

  • How to connect to your true masculinity and power
  • How to heal insecure attachment
  • How to heal emotional wounds from childhood
  • Move from negative self-talk to a positive belief system
  • Learn how to make deeper connections you can depend on
  • How to express emotion in a healthy manner
  • How to Increase self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Reclaim our self-identity
  • Master our intentions and actions
  • Realign with our purpose and passion
  • Discover love languages and core values.
  • Address trauma in a healthy way
  • Accelerate further in business and life

Hierarchy of Competence

This hierarchy is used to assess skill level. Through coaching, we take the skills and tools we don't know about and apply them in a way that they become natural.




1.1 coaching with me is a guided, individualized process that quantum leaps the results you get in a fraction of the time.

I have worked with over a hundred men for the last two and a half years to make the most efficient process possible to get the most impact with the least amount of work.

The results are permanent (if you want them to be). Akin to “Red Pill/Blue Pill.” Once you see, understand, and comprehend what goes on in your own mind, body, and patterns, you really can’t “unsee” it.

The reason I became a coach is because I wanted solutions for my own pain. I didn't want to spend years just trying to figure it out. 

I believe in "health care" not "sick" care. Let's get you back to health!  



13 1:1 Weekly
Zoom Sessions

3 Months
of coaching

Follow up emails
with main content + extras

Physical welcome gift
delivered to you

24/7 WhatsApp support
in between sessions

Men's group
currently included

Within 3 months...


We reveal the subconscious blocks holding us back, reframing thought processes, patterns, and habits, then reprogramming them in an incredibly short amount of time to give you results never seen or felt before.


Intro Call Clarity Session


75 Minute 1.1 Zoom Session

  • Get answers to specific questions from relationship struggles, to trauma, to business
  • Learn trauma-informed techniques to help eliminate anxiety, stress, and executive dysfunction
  • Follow-up materials emailed related to those questions
  • Customized plan for your own healing and growth

Book an Intro-Call

This is an intro call where we deep dive into the desires, blocks, and limiting beliefs keeping us from achieving greatness.  We get clarity on where you're at, where you're meant to go, and set initial action items and a plan to get you there.

If we're a good fit to continue to 1.1 coaching, this will be used as a deposit towards the 1.1 program!

No matter what, you'll leave the session with logical, action-oriented steps and follow-up materials so that you can get started right away. 

When you sign up here it will direct you to a booking page and send a questionnaire so we can optimize our time together :)

*Disclaimer that coaching is not therapy and cannot medically diagnose.

Clarity Session


120 Minute 1.1 Zoom Session +Follow Up

  • In-depth session to gain clarity on the blocks preventing you from success in relationships, business, personal, and spiritual life.
  • Learn trauma-informed techniques to help eliminate anxiety, stress, and executive dysfunction
  • Follow-up plan emailed (even if coaching isn't right for you)
  • Credit towards 1.1 coaching

Other tools and Offerings..

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