"I can't believe how much my life has changed in the past 8 weeks. Life is opening up in front of me and that is a direct result of working with Elise."


- Adam K


Cole J.


Cole joined the group coaching program and this was his experience



“If you are struggling in any capacity in your life from childhood trauma, anxiety, alcoholism, depression, and any other barriers stopping you from happiness, you should seriously consider Elise’s program/s.


I was in a dark place of life unable to get out of the struggles of depression, self doubt, and negativity. All the baggage collected over my life needed unloading and she tapped into things I had since forgotten or suppressed deep down.


This by no means is an easy process and not for individuals who are not truly ready to address some difficulties you have been avoiding. Contact Elise while she still has availability. She will change your life and you’ll be thanking me you did.


Semper Fidelis.”


- Jay Myer


"Elise is the real deal! She is one of those rare people that can combine determination and ambition with compassion and patience. I recently finished 8 weeks coaching with Elise. She has left an indelible mark on my personal and professional life.


It wasn’t easy and there were many tough love moments, but it was so worth it. Trust me. She cares. Elise is always prepared. She is a genius at digging deep, identifying root causes, and tackling limiting beliefs.


I have been to countless seminars, webinars, training, counselling, and coaching; none of which have compared to working with Elise. I wouldn’t think twice to recommend Elise to anyone that wants to enhance their life. She always shows up big time!"


- Curtis Fabian


"Elise it truly one of a kind. If you're looking for someone to see past your B.S. and guide you through to a place of confidence and resilience – Elise is the one for you. With Elise, you get the magical combination of incredibly honed intuition alongside depth of research and expertise in psychology and mindset shifts.


So if you're stuck, scared, and feeling small – get ready to embrace your power. Elise will not only help you uncover and heal unconscious blocks, but will guide you in building a life that aligns with your core values. The end goal: creating a life you love and centering what makes you feel alive and impassioned in every decision you make.


I highly recommend working with Elise – no matter your struggle, Elise is far and away one of the best coaches out there."


- Madison Reid


“Elise is awesome - She listens to your story and has great thoughts and encouragement to help grow. She has given me many helpful thoughts and tips in changing some of my problems and challenges. I would recommend her to anyone who needs someone to talk to - you will be impressed.


- Darcy Goossen

"After months of watching Elise’s content and building enough courage to overcome the temporary pain of facing my fears, I reached out to Elise in one of the most challenging times of my life.

The reason I decided ultimately to reach out to her was simply because she seemed approachable and genuine in her purpose. I didn’t know at the time but what I was really seeking was a safe place and that was actually part of the issues for not being vulnerable, transparent and seeking help.

I have worked with Elise now for a few months and the growth and progress with her guidance is something I didn’t think was possible. I highly recommend Elise because of her uncanny way to listen, discern, pose questions and frame situations that lead to breakthroughs.

The great thing is you feel empowered and encouraged to do the hard work and not run from it.

Thank you Elise"

Jerry Sauceda

"I am delighted to write a recommendation for Elise Micheals, Coach Extraordinaire! I reluctantly signed up for her services because a lot of old, past trauma was resurfacing due to the pandemic. I say reluctant because my judgmental mind was convinced she was too young, inexperienced, etc., to be able to help me.

Imagine my shock when, during our first meeting, I found myself crying from her uncanny ability to be fully present, nonjudgmental, and compassionate! She has given me the necessary tools to deal with the past, letting go of unhealthy ways of relating, and move on to focusing on my present work. I have been a psychotherapist and coach for over 30 years and have seen my own share of them, but none of them have come close to getting the results Elise got in a mere 8 weeks!

Now that I'm focused on my business, I have seen referrals tick up in just a couple weeks time. The personal is the professional and the professional is the personal!"

Dr. Norman Hering

"I can’t thank and recommend Elise enough to others. My professional life and personal life have completely changed through Elise’s listening, understanding, and coaching.

I now understand my inner thoughts, which has helped create a much better version of myself because I now understand the triggers that once controlled me. I also better understand how making time for myself would also, in turn, help others. I have always felt that it was more important to be available for my team than for me to be not as accessible to my team.

Elise helped me understand that taking time for myself will help me mentally and strengthen those around me. I have seen growth in my team, and more importantly, I have achieved a sense of happiness and positivity in my life that I haven’t had in decades."

Justin Clark


Keith O.


Keith was part of our group coaching program and this was his experience. 


Colby R


Colby was having consistent anxiety and it was getting in the way of his relationship and work. Constantly worrying whether he was doing enough bled into everything and he needed to do something to help him and his family move forward.


In terms of helping with focus, and prioritizing, Elise deftly assisted me with clearing a path through clutter and unimportant/unhelpful details, and target methods to help me improve relationships, and what REALLY belongs in the top tier of life goals and roles.


I can't say enough about this woman. I feel truly blessed to have found her and to have been allowed to be part of her group. If you are considering coaching with Elise, I would tell you to not hesitate. She is worth her weight in gold.


I had the pleasure of being one of her clients recently and her counsel and wisdom is sound, measured and on point. Not only is she someone I value, trust and respect, I’m also proud and honored to call her my friend as well. If you are in need of wise counsel to unlock your potential and lay down your previous stuck parts you need to contact Elise without further delay.

Grief Coach


David Sullivan


David was struggling after ending a long-term relationship and heading forward on his own. Allowing himself to process the pain allowed him to access those opportunities and more.


I was a client in Elise’s Art of Joy 30 Day Challenge and it truly was an enlightening journey. Elise’s authenticity, insight and presence gave our group a space of safety and trust to grow. She is a compassionate coach who worked with our group to forge a deeper, more intimate connection with joy and positivity in our daily lives.


I was very impressed with how Elise listened, and how structured and authentic she was in her feedback and sharing with me several strategies to help in my personal and business life. She is very warm and made me feel at easy as some of the information I shared with her was of a personal nature. The result is that I am already starting to see results and that was only after a single session. I highly recommend working with Elise. I know I will continue to work with her. There are not many coaches out there who have the knowledge and empathy to work with men and men's mental health. Elise does a great job and I am very glad I found her.

Account Manager

Elise really helped me discover who I was (professionally and mentally) and what was mentally blocking me from true success and clarity. She also gave me motivation to pursue transparency and happiness, and also the tools to achieve such things. It was a real joy and a great honor to have worked with Elise, and I can assure you that if you do decide to work with Elise Micheals in the near fututre, she will bring a wealth of compassion, excellence, and skilll to any client or job that she is given.



Box of Beats


Before Brandon was famously known as "Box of Beats" I was lucky enough to meet him and become friends. Brandon had SO MUCH potential that you see now, with blocks just like everyone else.


Elise has helped me become more effective while pursuing goals and objectives. She shares insightful advice and techniques with a caring, encouraging and professional approach.

SAP Consultant

I was a member of Elise's Art of Joy Challenge and it was so rewarding. It really helped change my mindset to focus on the more positive things happening instead of fixating on the negative. Elise is so kind and compassionate. Highly recommend working with her on subconscious traumas! In just an hour, she created such a safe space and helped me pinpoint things I wasn't aware of. Her coaching approach along with her challenge are so very special and genuine.

Founder and CEO

Elise is such a great person and so personal. I was in her group this afternoon discussing Joy and the benefits of it. I would highly recommend her for any thing and reach out to her for anything that you may need. You will not be disappointed in any way.

Podcast Host


Female Coach


Being a coach, Christine already had so many tools. She found herself being able to guide others, but not herself. Unlocking certain blocks allowed Christine to heal pieces of her she didn't know were there and help attract more clients!


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