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Positive change, sense of direction, clarity, and peace in your life without the time or cost commitmentof individual coaching?

This is a 7-week, 8-session Group-coaching intensive specific for men who want to heal in a supportive, encouraging, and motivating group environment


  • Core values & Love languages

  • How to connect on a more intimate level with himself and his spouse

  • How to identify and work through emotions

  • How to apply self-care, take breaks and avoid burnout

  • Develop the skills for self-confidence, self-worth, and know his true value

  • Reconnect with his inner-masculine to find spiritual balance and PEACE

  • Life-long friendships with MEN in the group who are willing to connect on a deeper level and more! 


For men to discover a deeper connection with themselves and others around them by healing in a group environment.

They will gain clarity on their goals, mission, relationships, masculinity, and emotions so they can live with true purpose and passion. They will walk away with clarity on who they really are, where they’re headed, and a sense of peace and true connection from the brotherhood, no matter what chaos life brings them.

**DISCLAIMER** This lesson plan is created from the data that I've used to help coach over 100 male clients on to success.  It is, however, not a medical diagnosis and is not a replacement for therapy or 1 on 1 counseling. This material is the Copywrite of Elise Micheals LLC and is not to be sold, replicated, or reused without prior written consent**

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After months of watching Elise’s content and building enough courage to overcome the temporary pain of facing my fears, I reached out to Elise in one of the most challenging times of my life. The reason I decided ultimately to reach out to her was simply because she seemed approachable and genuine in her purpose. I didn’t know at the time but what I was really seeking was a safe place and that was actually part of the issues for not being vulnerable, transparent and seeking help. I have worked with Elise now for a few months and the growth and progress with her guidance is something I didn’t think was possible. I highly recommend Elise because of her uncanny way to listen, discern, pose questions and frame situations that lead to breakthrough. The great thing is you feel empowered and encouraged to do the hard work and not run from it. Thank you Elise


Elise is the real deal! She is one of those rare people that can combine determination and ambition with compassion and patience. I recently finished 8 weeks coaching with Elise. She has left an indelible mark on my personal and professional life. It wasn’t easy and there were many tough love moments, but it was so worth it. Trust me. She cares. Elise is always prepared. She is a genius at digging deep, identifying root causes, and tackling limiting beliefs. I have been to countless seminars, webinars, training, counselling, and coaching; none of which have compared to working with Elise. I wouldn’t think twice to recommend Elise to anyone that wants to enhance their life. She always shows up big time!


I can’t thank and recommend Elise enough to others. My professional life and personal life have completely changed through Elise’s listening, understanding, and coaching. I now understand my inner thoughts, which has helped create a much better version of myself because I now understand the triggers that once controlled me. I also better understand how making time for myself would also, in turn, help others. I have always felt that it was more important to be available for my team than for me to be not as accessible to my team. Elise helped me understand that taking time for myself will help me mentally and strengthen those around me. I have seen growth in my team, and more importantly, I have achieved a sense of happiness and positivity in my life that I haven’t had in decades.