Men's Emotional Self Mastery Masterclass

This masterclass will teach men how to heal and understand their emotional well-being by learning the science behind the brain and body connection. 

This masterclass connects the mind and body to create true healing. It will teach you why you can understand something with your mind and still not “do it.”

Here's what you get: 

 2-hour masterclass + Q&A with Elise 

 Bonus Masterclass replay - The extra for the ones who couldn't attend Live

  Workbook or activity to go deeper

This masterclass will cover what is happening in the body and the brain, why you get stuck in a never-ending cycle, and how you can get over it. We will even go through an exercise together to help rid ourselves of stress, anxiety, and worry.


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What People Are Saying:

Most men do not know why they are the way they are. This can help

The proof is in what Elise says and does. She knows exactly what she is talking about and I can relate to every single part of it, if you can relate to any of it, you should join the class. She is so schooled in what she is sharing and so spot on with everything, you know that it is going to help, it is easy to believe in the program and process.

Elise has taught me more in a few months than any other program.

If you feel skeptical, then give this a shot. After doing two exercises Elise taught, my body feels relaxed. This is my first masterclass but I like what she taught and I'd like to learn more from her. The techniques help to not only relax, but it's the beginning of self-regulation, as in no need to rely on external things (relationships, drugs, porn, other things) to regulate your body.

Do yourself a favor and take this class. It seems so simple, but the just learning these very basic ideas will open your eyes to so much of the “game” that’s being played in your life by yourself and your body. Take the class. Get started on the healing process. You wont regret it.