The Better Man Membership gives you the tools and resources you need to become a better man - for yourself, your family, your community and the next generation of men.


 Are you tired of constantly working, striving, grinding, yet never feeling truly happy?

Do you seek more clarity on your true purpose and mission in life? 

Or maybe you’ve pushed through countless obstacles, but your relationship isn’t where you want it? 

Have you tried to DIY your way to clarity and happiness but and still feel like something is missing?

This is exactly how I felt when I was trying to figure my own life out.

Until I deep dove into truly understanding how the brain works and WHY we do what we do. 

Trauma can be healed. Romantic relationship and career problems can be solved.

It’s time to learn how to conquer your mind and body in a logical, practical way that ensures you will never feel stuck again. 



It’s time to prioritize your life and well-being.

Join the Better Man Membership today and discover the tools you need to thrive.


This is how Chris felt:


You can wake up every morning feeling calm and motivated. 

It will be possible to resolve conflicts in your relationships because you’ll have the tools to clearly communicate and express your needs. 

You will be able to show up in the world as a confident man, father, and partner because you know exactly what steps you need to take to become that. 

Even though you don’t quite believe this is possible given how exhausted and overwhelmed you currently feel, it’s time to become the man that you were always meant to be. It’s time to create a new and improved version of yourself. One that is confident, passionate, and inspired.


experience depression or anxiety but less than half will receive treatment and more than 4 times as many men as women die by suicide every year. 

Out of over 50 surveyed men who did a 1.1 session, 90% reported feeling better after session one with an overall decrease in anxiety following that session, even if they didn’t have another one from the tools learned.

“Having been afforded the opportunity to work with Elise has been an amazing gift for which I am extremely grateful.

Her range of knowledge and understanding concerning the emotional roadblocks - both conscious and subconscious, that many male entrepreneurs face is unmatched. The manner in which Elise offers support but at the same time challenges you to become a better version of yourself and overcome these obstacles is truly unique in her field."

Adam T.
Payments & Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur

“I was at a place in my life where I didn't feel I was moving forward in my professional and personal life.

Elise has helped me get focused on what matters by dealing with a lot of the noise that got, and gets, in my way on a daily basis. Noise I had gotten so used to hearing, I didn't even realize how crippling it had become. The progress I've made with her help and guidance has been amazing. My level of confidence has increased exponentially, and I'm seeing new opportunities I'd never thought attainable before."

Christopher C.
Chief HR Officer

I have been so impressed with Elise’s ability to understand men and the challenges we face.

Elise has literally changed my life I was depressed, lifeless, and had no hope when we met. Now a little time later, I’m positive I know how to handle the doubt and limited beliefs I acquired through time. 

I am in a completely different place than when I started working with Elise. Elise Micheals has changed my way of thinking and my life for good. I’m completely indebted to her."

Kevin K.
Journeyman Lineman


The Better Man Membership is for the man who…

 Feels stuck in his career and needs a new direction. Wants to embrace true purpose and passion

 Is experiencing relationship issues and wants to finally have a wholesome, fulfilling partnership

 Wants to build resilience, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness to better handle life's ups and downs.

 Is seeking a supportive community of like-minded men who are committed to bettering themselves and making an impact in the world

 Wants to fully embrace what it means to be a man and connect with his highest masculinity.

 Is sick of talking about his problems and wants clear and defined action to conquer and overcome

No matter your age, occupation, or background, the Better Man Membership is here to help you take control of your mental health and unlock your full potential. Whether you're facing specific challenges or simply looking to enhance your overall mental wellness, this program is tailored to meet your unique needs and guide you toward a happier, healthier life.



Don’t just hear it from me… 


"I just see a big change on myself, I see my head and my heart be more free… I’ve been able to take bolder moves..." 

- Craig Herd


"In this men's support group... the bond that came out of it was pretty strong and we were able to learn from each other and help each other with the guidance that Elise gave."

- Keith O'neill.


The Better Man is a membership for men looking to improve their mental health and get logical, practical, and actionable ways to solve trauma that will help expand their business, relationships, and emotional capacity.

There are 2 ways you can be a part of the Better Man Membership:


Become a lifetime member and get access to all of the masterclasses and content that is a part of The Better Man Membership. 


Become a monthly member and get monthly access to the membership content for the lowest price this membership will ever be. 

Each month, you’ll participate in a live masterclass with Elise that will dive deeper into a topic relating to men’s mental health and how to conquer your mind and body. Each masterclass includes a live Q&A with Elise and an activity or workbook to help you dive deeper into the topic. 

After each masterclass, you will walk away with clarity and awareness of where you are in your journey and a clear action plan so that you can do something about what you’re experiencing. 

Take a peek at the topics that will be covered in the monthly masterclasses:

Neuroplasticity: How to Completely Rewire the Brain -
 Help stop addictions/bad habits and implement new ones!

Masculine/Feminine Energy - Stepping into your full power as a man (and where you’re going wrong!) 

Attachment Styles - A-Z of Attachment and How to Change it

Purpose, Passion & Mission

Don't let mental health challenges hold you back any longer. Invest in yourself and your well-being by joining the Better Man Membership. 

With live masterclasses, Q&A sessions, and practical resources, you'll gain the tools and support you need to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. Choose the membership option that works best for you and take the first step toward a brighter future.


The opportunity to work with Elise has been the hugest blessing in my life and relationships!

As a Military Police Officer, I always thought that my lack of emotion was a strength, but I could not have possibly been more wrong.

The program that she has developed helped me to better understand and connect with my own emotions in ways that I never have before, which makes it possible for me to relate to my wife and children on a level that wouldn't have even seemed real to me just a few weeks earlier, not just through expression, but actually feeling the emotions as well after years of just "feeling" in an intellectual sense of knowing what my emotions "should" be in a given situation.

Jeremy S.
Military Police Officer

“If you are struggling in any capacity in your life from childhood trauma, anxiety, alcoholism, depression, and any other barriers stopping you from happiness, you should seriously consider Elise’s programs.

I was in a dark place of life unable to get out of the struggles of depression, self-doubt, and negativity. All the baggage collected over my life needed unloading and she tapped into things I had since forgotten or suppressed deep down.

This by no means is an easy process and not for individuals who are not truly ready to address some difficulties you have been avoiding. Contact Elise while she still has availability. She will change your life and you’ll be thanking me you did."

Jay M.
Business Development

“Elise takes you on a journey to shed light on the darkest corners of your world.

You come out of it with a burning desire to be the person you were always wanted to be. You are better and a stronger person for it.

I’ve learned to accept myself. Walk away and not listen to the hurt. Because I’ve grown, others see that strength, the polished gem that glistens in the sun and others are attracted to that. It may not be the 1st person, job, etc we pick, at the time or timing we prefer but it will come off through sticking at it.

My thoughts are this. Keep putting the “pennies” in. Do what you can, at the speed you can, but above all just do it. Don’t look back and fly high. Celebrate your success. You’ve got this now.”

Anthony E.
Finance Business Partner


This membership is all about not just FEELING better, but BECOMING better by giving you the tools you need to take action.


Everything inside The Better Man Membership is designed to:

 Improve your overall mental health and wellbeing 

 Give you clarity and awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors

 Help you achieve greater emotional intelligence and capacity to manage stress and challenges

 Help you build more fulfilling and satisfying relationships, both personal and professional

 Enhance your communication and conflict-resolution skills

 Increase your productivity and performance in your business or career

 Improve your ability to set and achieve personal and professional goals





Pay monthly for membership access and cancel anytime. 

Here’s what you get:

  • Access to all previous masterclasses focused on:
  • 📌Relationships & Sex
  • 📌Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • 📌Physical Health
  • 📌Purpose, Passion, Spiritual Health
  • Access to a community of like-minded men
  • Live masterclasses every week + live Q&A with Elise & guest speakers
  • Masterclass replay - so you can benefit even if you can’t attend live
  • 30, 60, 90 day tracker and a video resource list
  • Workbook or activity to go deeper every month





This includes:

  • Access to all previous masterclasses focused on:
  • 📌Relationships & Sex
  • 📌Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • 📌Physical Health
  • 📌Purpose, Passion, Spiritual Health
  • Access to a community of like-minded men
  • Live masterclasses every week + live Q&A with Elise & guest speakers
  • Masterclass replay - so you can benefit even if you can’t attend live
  • 30, 60, 90 day tracker and a video resource list
  • Workbook or activity to go deeper every month

Meet Your Coach

For years I struggled with my own pain and couldn't understand why, despite being so self sufficient and into self development. I just couldn't seem to "get it."

Once I figured out there was a tried and true FORMULA for healing pain, I knew I had to share it with the world

So, "Why men?"

The truth is, men aren’t given the space and support they really need to heal. Once I started posting videos on Linkedin and men reached out to me for help, I realized the huge void in help for men and decided to be that voice.

As a man, you deserve to feel good. You deserve to have a safe space to express your wants, needs and desires, without feeling like it will be used against you. This is that space.


Unlock Your Full Potential with The Better Man Membership

Take the first step towards a better life and join the membership today!